PS19 opened with Fred Poonawala’s welcome address continuing tradition of “Enlightening the audience with recipe of success in personal & professional lives” by eminent personalities in chosen fields sharing their wisdom at majestic venue – National Center for Performing Art’s – Tata Center.

As usual PS19 was packed with array of speakers on Challenges in Print Industry, Innovations & Harmony in Life on the whole. I will focus on four of them.

ONE: Inder Kumar Malhotra of Chanakya Mudrak’s address in chaste Hindi was eye opener on how to deal with the never-ending delays on receivables. He stressed on having receivables in bank accounts rather than in books. He went on to suggest to black list the customers who inordinately delay payments to avoid bad debts for hard work printers do. He tasted resounding success with this strategy.

Sister Shivani of Brahma Kumari’s, World Spiritual University @ PS19

TWO: Sister Shivani was the STAR of the day. She emphasised on ethical, caring and humane treatment of employees by managements at all levels to create happiness at work place. She explained the path to blissful environment in simple way-

DHAN (Money) – which comes from the customers for services & products we provide should be earned ethically.

Anna (Food) – food we eat bought by ethically earned money brings positive energy.

Man (Soul) – our food that comes from ethically earned money, charges our soul with positive energy.

Tan (Body) – A positively charged soul will drive positive actions by body.

Further Sister Shivani added that in today’s busy schedules, each one of us must energize with positive energy. And her prescription for this was – “Meditation”. She gave data on how 25% of Indians today are living stressful life leading to depression and distress in society. To rectify this defect in society, she says there is no option but to meditate for 20 minutes daily. And if one is very busy and has no time, such a person should meditate for one hour. She explained this very simply- “Like we charge our cell phones more if we use more, one must meditate more proportionate to the busier schedule”. Audience of 800+ was convinced that this is THE easiest way to make environment at home, office and society a Happy one. She did not stop at advising but offered meditation classes. All one has to do is find their nearest Centre on this link on planet Earth. No wonder she received standing ovation.

The panel discussion “Good to Great” moderated by Sunanda Jayaseelan had three personalities with contrasting strategies – Mr. Velumani of Thyrocare was rags to riches story, who had nothing to lose by taking risks and grew his company by dropping prices, building volumes without compromising on quality. Mr. Poddar of Ashirvad Pipes had modest business family background grew by enhancing brand value and selling at higher than market prices. Young Ankit Chona of Havmor inherited established business who preferred to encash the valuations by selling it to bigger player and set himself free to create his own business in chosen field. Audience could not have asked for more elaborate menu.

Indian Classical Music was concluding program of the day before dinner – Thumri-Kathak (Song-Dance) by accomplished artists Dhanshree Pandit Rai (Vocal) and Sanjukta Wagh (Kathak a dance form). Dhanashree explained these art forms that enables audience to immerse in joy with understanding.

Thumri is combination of two words – “Thum” sound of anklet rings made by tapping of foot and “ri” means “Raag” (musical theme on specific set of notes). Kathak is expressions of emotions in dance form. This Thumri-Kathak is centuries old art. The Kings encouraged Courtesans who were accomplished in these art forms and were highly respected. Kings held these courtesans in such a high esteem that their heirs were mentored by these Courtesans on learning correct behaviour or body language (Tehzeeb), in today’s world we may call “soft skills”. The program concluded with vocal rendition of lyrics penned by 13th century musician-poet Amir Khusro by Dhanshree pandit and Kathak, the age old dance form by Sanjukta Wagh. Standing Ovation for such a grand performance at Venue built for Art was obvious.

Audience of 800+ @ PS19

The day was packed with accomplished personalities from Print and other fields – addressing, debating and discussing Challenges in business, innovations and disruptions at fast pace. Sister Shivani’s address and Thumri-Kathak (Song & Dance) were highlights of the day. These two – Centuries old meditation technique for happiness and Song & Dance forms that energized atmosphere with Joy demonstrated that “OLD is GOLD”.

The take away from this event filled day is – Technological Disruptions, Innovations and challenging times cannot and should not make our life stressful. Simple pre-requisite is to commit to a regular practice of Meditation for 20 minutes daily and embrace Music & Art.

Cannot find words for appreciating Team BMPA (Bombay Master Printer’s Association) for organizing this event. Looking forward to PS20.

Very well done BMPA!

Santosh Mulay
VP – InSoft Automation