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Imposition And Planning

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INTERFACE for commercial | packaging | labels | wide format
STEP for handsfree dynamic imposition & estimation
ANSWER for the best imposition software
ONE INTERFACE for commercial | packaging | labels | wide format
ONE STEP for handsfree dynamic imposition & estimation
ONE ANSWER for the best imposition software

How much can an efficient and effective ganging software save
Are you estimating with approximate layouts or no layouts
Can sharper estimates win you more business

Label Sticker

How much can an efficient and effective ganging software save?

Are you estimating with approximate layouts or no layouts?

Can sharper estimates win you more business?


Imp is the only automated imposition and planning tool designed for today’s versatile printers who has array of printing machines producing wide range of print products.

With our software there is no need to maintain different imposition software for different print devices
or print products.


Gang 1000s of jobs in One-Go! The software offers the ability to automatically generate nested layouts for all pending jobs in your schedule.

  • Signatures & Cover Ganging.
  • Different considerations for different printing presses
  • Integration with Enfocus SWITCH for full workflow automation

Large Format Nesting

Nesting Software

Do more with less manpower and improve your bottom line in your existing setup.

  • Maximize media layouts with zero overruns through automated imposition and nesting software.
  • Automate placement of camera registration marks.
  • Save on inks and substrates by eliminating overruns.

“What do you have to be able to do at Prepress Automation? Quite a lot. An affinity for the printing industry. Technical knowledge of printing presses and processes. And at the same time, you need programming experience. Because Prepress Automation fulfills the difficult task of bringing together two worlds – the printing industry and IT.
With IMP, we are able to combine these two factors reliably and efficiently.”

André Höckelmann | Lead Prepress Automation, Flyeralarm, Germany

Print Estimation

Job Routing

Give your business competitive edge with compelling quotes

  • Generate quotes without involving pre-press or CAD personal
  • Generate accurate quotes using automatically generated, print-ready layouts
  • Print or export comprehensive Routing data to your MIS/shopfloor for confirmed orders
  • Generate Quotation, Job Ticket or Job Card or export to your existing systems.
Quotation and Job Card
Print Quotation

“Imp+ Estimation is so powerful that it gives us the flexibility of calculating costs in different pricing frameworks. Exporting estimate data to our ERP is a breeze through XML. The Die-library is a powerful feature that enables cost savings and die re-use. Imp+ eliminates any guesswork and generates accurate quotes. This is one of the smart investments we made.“

Vijayandhran. G | CTO | Express Pack Print | Dubai

Print Publishing

Rigid Box Layout Planning & Estimation

Custom Packaging

Layout planning and ganging of rigid boxes with multiple printed and non-printing parts – wrapper, hardboard trays, product cases for Cosmetics, Confectionery, Jewellery, Watches, Beverages, and Consumer Electronics packaging products.

Single Die –
Multiple Artworks

Folding Carton Versioning

Packaging jobs are often designed with multiple artworks to accommodate different flavors, regions, languages, and cultures. The quantities required for each design may vary.

Imp automates planning with different variants to achieve the required quantity on an existing step & repeat die layout.


Insoft Die Library

Cataloging and searching thousands of die tool assets can be challenging.

Imp software can search and find matching die(s) based on geometry with 100% accuracy. Searching for matching dies was never easier.

“IMP has been a valuable tool for SunDance allowing cost reductions in material use by providing a solid solution for nested, irregular shapes for our folding carton division. A perfect complement to our Tharstern MIS! Estimators can quickly and easily determine the most competitive imposition and transfer that layout directly to the die making team which streamlines our workflow significantly. Would highly recommend for any shop who wants to take advantage of multiple version or gang run projects.”

John Henry Ruggieri | President, SunDance, USA

Offset or Digital?

Digital Imposition

Imp software can automatically decide between offset or digital presses based on cost analysis.

Smart planning algorithms in Imp will determine the most effective and economical print device.

Label Imposition

Lane Ganging

Imp software ends the challenges with increasing the number of label SKUs for digital label printing. Stringent controls are added for label printing, to ensure correct label orientation, fewer overruns, uniform gaps between labels, no-splitting of single labels into multiple lanes, and limiting the number of lanes as per slitter knives configuration.


“Hands-Free automation of Imp software enables us to process thousands of pieces of art a day. We process around 300 different orders of Discs a day to around 200 different Book orders a day. Imp added predictability to an ever – changing production environment., the flexibility of “Imp” software enabled us to integrate with custom solutions.“

Michael Dixon | ME Director | Disc Makers, USA


Parallel Imposition of Books

Parallel Imposition

This innovative feature dramatically simplifies the complexity in creating imposition schemes where different books of similar sizes and page count are planned together in individual lanes/tracks on the same layout. An innovative imposition for book-of-1 ordered online.

“We produce 800 titles a month. We decided to replace an existing Sheet-Assembly-System to match our pace and quality. After 6 months of evaluating a range of integration solutions, we chose Imp & Imp-Flow from InSoft. With Imp we have increased our productivity, eliminated manual processes, automated our imposition. InSoft’s support is quick and precise. It seems like they never sleep.“

Pavel Chylik | Prepress Manager | Finidr | Czech Republic


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