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Boost your profits in packaging printing

Best Packaging Software

Win orders with competitive pricing without compromising on margins
Optimize overall costs with the smartest nesting solution for printers
Generate accurate estimates without CAD/prepress involvement

Paper Bags Printing

Win orders with competitive pricing without compromising on margins

Optimize overall costs with the smartest nesting solution for printers

Generate accurate estimates without CAD/prepress involvement

Paper Bags Printing
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Layout Planning Video
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Software for Die-Cut Layout Planning

Packaging Workflow
  • Can an operator fathom all the parameters like paper board, press, die making & die cutting processes to come up with an accurate layout consistently?
  • Does your estimator depend on, or is slowed down by a CAD operator, who may be working on a slower time table?
  • Why should you have to duplicate the effort and recreate folding carton layouts in your prepress software that your estimator / planner has already made?

Imp packaging software generates accurate quotes based on cost-efficient layouts. The layouts created during estimation can be edited at the planning or prepress stages to produce output for printing, die-making or digital cutting.

Estimation for Packaging

Quotation – Job Card – Layout for Print – Job Routing Window with Sequence of Operations in One UI Step

Job Routing

Give your business competetive edge with compelling quotes:

  • Enable sales and CRM teams to work independent of CAD department
  • Enables multiple logics to amortize fixed process cost & storage cost for staggered deliveries and more
  • Compute cost efficient job routing from start to dispatch
  • Generate fully customizable quotes & job cards that adapt dynamically to different product types
Job Ticket

“IMP has been a valuable tool for SunDance allowing cost reductions in material use by providing a solid solution for nested, irregular shapes for our folding carton division. A perfect complement to our Tharstern MIS! Estimators can quickly and easily determine the most competitive imposition and transfer that layout directly to the die making team which streamlines our workflow significantly. Would highly recommend for any shop who wants to take advantage of multiple version or gang run projects.”

John Henry Ruggieri | President, SunDance, USA

Accurate & speedy estimates

On Demand Packaging Quotes

In just a few seconds, your estimator can graphically evaluate the best way to lay-out a job while minimizing printing and finishing costs.

Your estimates will be sharp and your estimator will feel empowered and confident.

Save time in CAD & prepress

Die Cut Job Planning

What to expect when Imp is implemented:

  • CAD department will focus on design!
  • Prepress department will focus on PDF and content!
  • Imp will be application that generates output for Print as well as CAD layout for die-making / cutting.

“With Imp for Packaging we are more competitive and provide a better service to our customers due to savings on paper and efficiency in planning layouts from One full day to 15 minutes. Imp changed and improved our company. Imp helped us to execute the planning and management of complex jobs in less than 15 minutes.”

Marcio Ribeiro | Moquin Press | Belmont, USA

Labels Printing

Rigid Box Layout Planning & Ganging

Rigid Box Ganging

Layout planning and ganging of rigid boxes with multiple printed and unprinted parts – wrapper, hardboard trays, product cases for Cosmetics, Confectionery, Jewellery, Watches, Beverages, and Consumer Electronics products.

Cartons, Cups and IML Ganging

Cartons, Cups, IML Imposition

Powerful ganging engine to automate and optimize layout planning for multiple cartons, cups, IML tub & lids and more….

“No-mix ganging” – A powerful new feature

Carton Ganging
Pure nesting (the normal method) No-mix ganging (the new direction)

Improve your business bottom line by nesting each job in separate sections on a big layout. After printing, each section is separated by guillotine cuts for die cutting and finishing. This simplifies job sorting, after printing. Now, you can reap the benefits of ganging without any downside.

Same die – multiple artworks

Template Nesting

Automatic calculation of number of die-cavities to be assigned for each version based on quantities, colors and coatings!

Intelligent single & double cuts

Mono Cartons Layout

Just mark non-critical region(s) on the job and the software will know where to make single cuts on the layout.


Corrugation Boxes

For corrugation jobs, software ensures jobs are placed on the reel/sheet in correct flute direction.

Reel sheeting

Automated Reel Sheeting

Software’s ability to suggest sheet sizes from the paper / board reels in the inventory results in huge paper savings.

Embellishment Separations Handling

Imp software automates workflow to export separate files for print and embellishment separations such as spot UV, emboss, texture, foiling etc.

Spot UV Foiling Layers

Workflow Automation

API Integration

MIS ERP for Label Printing

A comprehensive SDK (software development kit : API) on .Net6 is available for integration with MIS/ERP or custom developed solutions.

Reports and Data Exchange

Print Pack Report

Imp software can export comprehensive data of layouts, costs, operations and materials used in PDF, XML, CSV or MXML formats.

Your Business – Your Rules

Intelligent Printing Workflow Software

Software provides options to use different planning rules as per product and press type.

Export File for Print, Embellishment Separations and CAD Layout from One Interface

Blister Cards Software

Imposed PDF/JDFs for imaging. Separations for Spot UV, Foiling, Texture, White Ink, Emboss. Die-layouts in CF2, DXF, PDF, PLT and ZCC (Zund) format.


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