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111, 2023

InSoft Automation @ Printing United 2023, Atlanta

November 1st, 2023|

InSoft Automation, leader in Layout Planning and workflow automation has set new direction beyond dynamic Imposition, Nesting and Ganging Software with its Print Estimation solution built on top of its powerful layout planning software.

The Atlanta show was different for InSoft. Trade shows are generally about generating leads and counting footfalls. For InSoft the show was beyond this. Discussing the specific prospects requirement, chosing the functionality, creating config for prospects to finalize estimation, nesting and imposition modules.

Estimation is not just generating quick and accurate quotes consistently. It is about generating order winning quotes powered by cost-efficient layout planning engine in the background

The uniqueness of the solution lies in generation of technically accurate, cost-efficient print ready layout in the background at the estimation stage. This eliminates dependability of sales and CRM team on prepress and CAD department. The prepress production comes into picture only when a confirmed purchase order is received.

The uniqueness of the solution lies in having a technically accurate, cost-efficient print ready layout at the estimation stage. This eliminates dependability of sales and CRM team on prepress and CAD department. The prepress production comes into picture only when a confirmed purchase order is received.

1611, 2022

Printing United Expo 2022 – Las Vegas

November 16th, 2022|

Insoft exhibited their flagship suite Imp Software at Vegas Print show.

Meeting our customers is greatest motivation for InSoft Automation to participate in the trade show. Meeting our happy and satisfied users at Vegas show in person was thrilling experience for us.

Our imposition and ganging software is out form 2010. Our constant hunger to identify pain points and simplify complexity was demonstrated in our automation we bought in new features for dynamic bleed generation, Creating cut contours, Creating spot / white channel were some of the highlights.

Two features “Scan-N-Estimate” and “Pole Banner Designer” caught eye of visitors at this show.

Layout Planning, Imposition, Ganging solution of our software enhanced yield. The only ganging solution to optimize 1000s of job in one go substantiates the strength of the fastest and smartest ganging engine. Hand crafted logics of Imp software has enhanced yield and increased profits.


This impressed business owners who commented that our estimation module will delight the customers with better pricings and win more business. AT InSoft estimation was about winning more orders apart from empowering Sales & CRM team members to generate quotes quickly, accurately, and consistently and win more orders.

In short, we come back from Vegas with message that our software takes Bottom Line to the Top.

2107, 2021

InSoft Automation integrates with Enfocus Switch

July 21st, 2021|

InSoft announces the launch of Imp XML Bundle, a new app for the Enfocus Switch automation platform. The app is available in the Enfocus Appstore and integrates our handsfree imposition and layout software Imp Flow with Switch. The Imp XML Bundle includes two apps, Imp XML Creator app and Imp XML Merger app, acting as a bridge between Switch and Imp Flow.

Enfocus Switch

Switch is a print workflow automation platform, developed and marketed by Enfocus, the leader in PDF quality control, advanced PDF editing and workflow automation for the graphic arts industry. Switch is a highly flexible and well-thought-out software that can control the flow of data, provide checks and handle PDF and other file types with ease. It is empowering the print industry to move towards Industry 4.0. It is an open platform that allows users to build an interconnected and fully automated workflow using their favourite applications.

Integration with Switch

The Imp XML Creator app automates ganging, imposition for offset, digital and large format printing without any human touch points. Imp compatible XML files with job definitions are automatically created when PDF, JDF, XML, CSV, XMP and TXT files are dropped in an input folder. The Imp XML Merger app combines multiple Imp XML files into a single XML file. This app is especially useful for ganged jobs.

“Customers are continuously looking for ways to save costs and produce products in the fastest and most economical way” says Angelo Manno, Global OEM & Strategic Accounts Manager, Enfocus. “We’re extremely happy that InSoft Automation joined our App Creation Partner Program. By making the Imp XML bundle available for Switch, InSoft provides an answer to the need for hands off production, automatically combining jobs for efficient processing and use of material and eliminating the need for customized integrations. Standardizing on integration efforts makes the workflow also reliable and predictable and eases any required support efforts.”

Angelo Manno

Angelo Manno

Global OEM & Strategic Accounts Manager, Enfocus

How customers will benefit

Many existing customers, across the globe, have already scripted custom integrations between InSoft’s Imp and Enfocus Switch. The partnership between InSoft and Enfocus removes the need for custom scripting and development” says Ravi Shekhar, Senior Application Specialist @ InSoft. Now, an-out-of-the-box solution is provided, saving time and money on any development efforts, and allowing customers to utilize InSoft’s know how on the best possible way to integrate Imp with Switch. Building a complete automated workflow with an intelligent planning embedded within, has become much easier.

Find out more about InSoft Automation Pvt. Ltd:

Learn more about the Imp XML Bundle:

1210, 2019

InSoft @ Print 19 Chicago

October 12th, 2019|

Print 19 trade show from Oct 03-05, 2019 was dull with negligible footfalls. It was obvious from previous show but InSoft’s motivation to exhibit was to meet existing customers, partners and network with print fraternity whom we have built rapport over decade. InSoft had busy time with 1-on-1 meetings with customers, listening to their success stories and future plans.

Discussed with partners exploring new directions to continue developing cutting edge features in our integrated software solutions. Conscious of the fact that this being a last edition of this yearly event concluded each evening exploring awesome restaurants over dinner. Well we did have significant number of visitors spending time for comprehensive demos of our Imposition & Ganging engine as always and mesmerized with new Print Estimation module.

306, 2019

Print Software Conclave, April 08, 2019, Dubai

June 3rd, 2019|

A one-day event of conversation with the UAE’s print fraternity was hosted by InSoft at Hotel Shangri-La, Dubai. The event was opened with Keynote address by Harsha Paruchuri, a Rochester Institute of Technology alumnus and the 3rd generation owner of Pragati Offset & Pack, India. Harsha’s exposition on Choosing MIS / ERP solutions & Integrating Innovation was very well received by the audience. He shared his experience and success in choosing & implementing the SAP-ERP in his company and integrating unique applications like Imp software, while company grew from 400 employees when he joined family business to 1500+ today.

Harsha P. of Pragati Offset & Packaging, India

Harsha P. of Pragati Offset & Packaging, India

Santosh Mulay, InSoft Automation

Santosh Mulay, InSoft Automation

Santosh Mulay shared InSoft’s philosophy of developing software solutions that never existed before with a team of brilliant engineers from Indian Institute of Technology. He also explained what InSoft means by Automation and how it is different from Optimization. The evolution of Imp software development after its launch in 2011 making in rich with features like Die Library, support for different printing devices like Large Format, Reel Fed Digital Inkjets, Flexo by listening to customers across USA, Australia and Europe. He emphasized that InSoft’s quest is to find new methodologies to simplify complex tasks in Print, while expounding on Automating the Routine.

Mr. Vijayandhran’s address was on topic CX-Customer Experience. Vijay has implemented wide range of technologies and management systems in many printing companies in the UAE region in the past two decades. He explained how he found InSoft’s Estimation module while browsing on internet. After studying about Imp software online, he went through the process of demo, evaluation, installation and training of Imp’s Estimation solution with only ONLINE SUPPORT in seven weeks flat. In the Q&A after the address it was discovered that new technologies adopted by him was result of looking for new ideas, exploring online, patiently hearing suppliers & vendors, thus, integrating innovative technologies to benefit the company.

Key take-away of the event:

Vijayandhran Ganeshan Express Pack Print, Dubai

Vijayandhran Ganeshan
Express Pack Print, Dubai

Key take-away of the event

Both speakers, Harsha & Vijay emphasised on the merit of keeping estimation & negotiation cycles outside of MIS/ERP, a new concept. Pragati has SAP and Express Pack Print has Dynamics AX, yet they use InSoft’s solution for the purpose of dealing with any new job enquiry and preparing quotations. With inbuilt automation and layout optimization abilities of the software, the sales team feels empowered and can generate quotes (even for complex jobs) in few minutes. Further, Planners and CAD operators’ task to generate layouts for estimators is eliminated. Only when an order is confirmed and a purchase order raised, Estimation & Layout data is transferred from InSoft’s Imp software to their ERP/MIS through XML.

Technical Focus session Image 1
Technical Focus session Image 2

Technical Focus session was a participatory session with the entire audience taking part and contributing their opinion. This was interesting with guests, sharing their experience on how they overcame challenges. This session had lively debates, with discussion on the methodologies and systems adopted to overcome the limitations in running print business, making the event a truly knowledge sharing one.

Technical Focus session Image 3
Technical Focus session Image 4
Technical Focus session Image 5

Insoft expresses gratitude to all the guests who made the day a memorable one. Given the busy schedules, guests were delighted with this opportunity to meet their colleagues in trade in person, after long time.

1310, 2018

InSoft @ Print 18 Chicago

October 13th, 2018|

Print 18 trade show from September 30 – October 02, 2018 was buzzing with steady stream of visitors. The show was shorter in size which probably had only serious visitors keeping us busy. Team InSoft was thrilled to meet many customers walking in to meet us and express their happiness. Meeting our customers and partner is always blissful moments for us and for this reason at least we InSoft will be in 2019 edition of the show.

Our customers are so used to regular cutting-edge features development that they were thrilled to see the Estimation module, so simple and easy to use. Even new visitors were pleasantly surprised with the software intelligence that constantly generates technically accurate, cost efficient layouts. Print Estimation module built on top of the highly evolved layout planner was awesome with Print ready layouts and estimates generated with single click. Our customers, visitors and team InSoft were all smiles after the show.

2002, 2018

Year End Happenings in Europe for InSoft

February 20th, 2018|

Four Pees based out of Belgium, conducted 3-day VIP Event attended by their re-sellers and end users. This year it was in Vienna in second week of November 2017. There were twenty breakout sessions on various products and modules in first two days. Four Pees is our partner in Europe adding value to the print Industry with Imp software. They have wide range of products in their portfolio for pre-media and workflow automation in prepress.

Participants focussed on Imp Software

Participants focussed on Imp Software

Four Pees have wide range of products in their portfolio for pre-media and workflow automation in pre-press.

Day-3 was for focused on training sessions of various software solutions participants choose to attend. There were three groups for as many software products. InSoft had great time learning from participants their needs and sharing the value of Imp software for imposition, ganging, nesting needs of packaging, digital and large format segments.

From Vienna, next stop was the Netherlands. InSoft had meeting with their MIS partner Optimus who have integrated Imp and has many happy customers.

Visited a printing facility in Holland who are satisfied with optimization and automation with MIS integrated with Imp software. Optimus is focused on developing solution for packaging segment. Advanced layout creating software with highly evolved algorithms integrated with Optimus MIS is a powerful solution in folding carton and packaging printing.

Henny & Santosh @ Folding Carton facility – Royal De Vries, Holland with their team.

Henny & Santosh @ Folding Carton facility – Royal De Vries, Holland with their team.

Alex and Hendrik of MPS Graphics with VP of Insoft Automation,India

Alex and Hendrik of MPS Graphics with VP of InSoft Automation, India.

The final destination was MPS Graphics, Denmark – Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution provided for Print Industry. MPSG team & InSoft explored direction that adds value to print industry.

Imp software integrated with ERP solution is already enjoyed by many large print companies in Americas and Europe. Further discussed the scope of adding value to mid-size print businesses.

A happening month in last quarter of 2017 for InSoft.

1002, 2018

InSoft @ EPMS User Conference

February 10th, 2018|

InSoft @ EPMS User Conference

EPMS, Print MIS Solutions provider in North America & Insoft Automation announced integration of cost-based layout creation software “Imp” at EPMS user conference in Plymouth, MA in June 2017. This integrated solution will empower EPMS users in Commercial, Large Format and Packaging segments to simplify complexity and create quick estimates and cost-efficient layout plans.

The user conference was attended by close to 100 people. 3-day conference was resourceful with multiple breakout sessions. Attendees were very involved in technical sessions and had some great time networking in the evening.

301, 2018

InSoft @ Pacprint 2017, Melbourne Australia

January 3rd, 2018|

At Pacprint 2017 from May 23 – 26, Melbourne, Australia, one stand has entire range of applications from complete business management solutions, workflow automation, Web2Print solution & Innovative Solution from India. The stand has Workflow automation by Soltect headed by Yves Roussange demonstrating hands free pre-press production by configurating different applications with SWITCH. Tharstern MIS was demonstrated for business management, V-Press from UK demonstrated e-commerce and InSoft Automation from India demonstrated the Award Winning Layout Planning Software “Imp”. Visitors could see entire range of software solutions in one booth.

InSoft @ Pacprint 2017, Melbourne Australia

Visitors engaged in Imp Software demo from InSoft Automation

Printed Solar Panels by University of Newcastle.

Printed Solar Panels by University of Newcastle.

This trade show had first demonstration of Printed Solar Panels developed by University of Newcastle, Australia. This was the highlight of the show. For details on this please see this link-

Each day there was a keynote address in FORUM series on thought provoking and inspiring subjects like Future, High Performance, Leadership and Change by an expert in the chosen field. There were workshops for technical presentations and discussions on all four days. These Forum Series and Workshops gave educational dimension to the exhibition.

InSoft Automation’s award winning software for Planning Layouts received huge interest from wide range of printers – Commercial, Book printers, Packaging Printers and Large Format Printers. The latest ganging and imposition for large format segment was awe-inspiring.

Jerry Grayson, Search and Rescue Pilot with Royal Navy giving keynote on <strong>Leadership

Jerry Grayson, Search and Rescue Pilot with Royal Navy giving keynote on Leadership.

301, 2018

Award for “Imp” Software & Graph Expo 2016

January 3rd, 2018|

InSoft Automation, has been conferred with the Oscar of Print – 2016 InterTech Technology Award for its’ flagship software IMP. The award and trophy was presented on Sept 25, 2016 to Santosh Mulay, Vice President of InSoft by Chairman of Printing Industries of America Mr. Brad Thompson, in a gala event in Orlando, Florida.

Since 1978 this award sponsored by the Printing Industries of America, have honoured technologies each year that are expected to have a significant impact on the way print is produced.

“The InterTech judges were impressed with innovative features of Imp Software, its flexibility, and its accessibility to printers of all sizes,” said Jim Workman, Vice President of Printing Industries of America’s Center for Technology and Research.

Visitors at the Graph Expo 2016 in Orange County, Florida appreciated the award and the product at InSoft’s booth.

The satisfaction that recognition of our products and technology provides is unmatched by mere business success.  And the recognition from such an august body as the Printing Industries of America is all the more enriching.

This prestigious award motivates us to do even better and continue to lead in delivering cutting edge solutions to the Printing Industry. I should thank our customers in North America and worldwide for having recognised our merit.


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