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Enfocus is the leader in PDF quality control, advanced PDF editing and workflow automation for the graphic arts industry. Enfocus’ fundamental belief is that technology should follow process and not the other way around.

The Enfocus team partners with OEM vendors, Solution Partners, App Creation Partners, resellers and integrators, to connect disparate systems in prepress, press and finishing, as well as manage quality. InSoft has integrated its Layout Planning, Imposition and Ganging software with the Enfocus SWITCH workflow automation platform using a bundle of two apps, Imp XML Creator and Imp XML Merger. Using both apps, a bridge is created between Switch and Imp, providing automated ganging and imposition for offset, digital and large format printing.

SWITCH provides comprehensive automation to the print industry with flexibility to create your workflows. By integrating Switch with InSoft’s Imp Software, efficiency, accuracy and consistency is provided without human intervention, enhancing performance and profitability in the layout planning space.

Switch also integrates with MIS, Web to Print and other solutions.

Enfocus is a business unit of Esko.

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Founded in 1989, EPMS today is one of the most sought-after print MIS Solutions providers in North America. From simple quoting to sophisticated client relationship management, accounting, and JDF integrations, our products eliminate the need for clients to continually change management system vendors. You will have real time access to information about every aspect of your business.

EPMS offers an array of services that exceeds even the most demanding of client expectations. EPMS has created a comprehensive and professional project management and implementation planning methodology that is unparalleled in the printing and graphic arts industry. It has been designed to ensure that implementations are smooth, efficient, and cost effective.

Since inception, EPMS has continually evaluated industry changes and issues, and have rewritten and updated their product lines to reflect the changing times and technical innovations embraced by print industry. Integration with recipient InterTechTM Technology Award software “Imp” from InSoft Automation is a step in direction to embrace innovative technologies and add value to the customers. With Insoft’s Imp software integration, estimation, planning and prepress workflow is streamlined.

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Four Pees Belgium

Named after the four “Ps” of marketing – product, price, place and promotion – Four Pees is an international value added distributor that markets, distributes, integrates and supports solutions for the print and publishing industries. The company focuses on products for collaboration, print automation and quality optimization for the document archiving, commercial print, publishing, packaging and large format printing markets.

As a distributor, Four Pees manages an extensive network of resellers in various countries adding value with their print automation solutions.

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Tharsten UK

The Tharstern Print MIS is a complete workflow management system for print professionals who want to make their company run faster, better and smarter. It’s for those who want to speed up print jobs so they flow swiftly through each department with little intervention, and free up their team so they can provide the exceptional customer experience and fast delivery times that the modern print buyer demands.

Tharstern can help their customers do this because they’ve spent the last 37 years perfecting their print MIS solution, continually adding new functionality that will allow their customers to drive change and make improvements BUT without sacrificing the things that makes their company so great.

The company is regarded as experts in workflow integration and have a team of specialists to help their customers integrate their hardware and software into one automated workflow.


OnPrintShop Web-to-Print Solutions are recognized as very simple to use and admired for personalized support to maximize success. The company’s client base is wide, from Small Print Shops to Large printers in North America, Asia & Europe.

OnPrintShop – A Product of Radixweb, India is a leading Software Development and IT Outsourcing company with an extensive industry experience since 2001 with team of 400+

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MPS Graphics Denmark

MPS Graphics of Denmark, founded in 1993, is a major provider of Print ERP systems. The MPS Graphics team has sound experience in the printing industry enabling them to smoothly implement their Print ERP. Their solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and C5. With more than 175 sites enjoying the benefits of this powerful Print ERP solution, they have a proven solution.

MPS Graphics integrated InSoft’s layout planning software to enhance the value of their solution in terms of accurate, cost-efficient estimates and layout plans. This highly evolved Print ERP not only streamlines estimation, planning, and prepress production but also offers complete finance management for printing companies.

The first integrated solution of MPS Graphics’ Print ERP and InSoft is deployed at a company in Mexico of 900 employees – Foli De Mexico. Now, the entire CRM & Sales team of about 35 members at Foli-De-Mexico is armed with InSoft’s engine to create accurate, cost-efficient estimates and is newly able to lower prices for customers while at the same time allowing them to retain margins and grow their business.

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ID-SOFT is a solutions provider and consultant with expertise in prepress workflows, color management and process standardization armed with Ugra expert and JDF expert certification. Their expertise helps in optimizing existing workflows.

Daniel Lopez, Director at ID-Soft was convinced that Imp software’s innovative approach to layout creation would benefit his customers in Spain. He sees great value in the packaging modules of Imp and the unique die library feature. According to Mr. Lopez, Imp planning and imposition software will add great value for quick turn around of bound jobs.

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Optimus has been supplying Print Management Information Systems to the Printing Industry since 1982 and prides itself on a growing list of Optimus MIS users for their longevity with customers that have used Optimus since the 1980’s.

Optimus is in use across a variety of print sectors including: packaging, books, sheet fed litho, wide format, sheet and reel fed digital, web offset, labels and more – attesting to the unique ability of Optimus to manage any substrate and any process.

The Optimus Print MIS is used in 21 countries and 7 different languages with representation in UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, Australia, South Africa and Italy.

Optimus sees value in InSoft’s Imp software and has done a pilot project for one of its customers. They are encouraged with the result and plan to increase the scope of integration to cover the fast-growing digital printing and packaging segments to enhance the value of their print management system.

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Technova Imaging Systems

Technova Imaging Systems, India is a leading supplier of solutions to the graphic arts industry. It is the only plate manufacturer in the world producing a complete range of plates for offset printing. It is the fifth largest manufacturer of consumables, systems, and solutions for the printing, packaging, publishing, signage, textile and photo industries in India.

Technova offers an entire range of imaging technologies – CTcP, Violet, Thermal, Laser Inkjet and  CTF. InSoft’s Imp software is bundled with CTP solutions for the printing segment with hotfolder imposition and ganging for labels, die cut jobs and books, enhancing printers’ productivity and profits.

BEL Greece

BEL is a company with an exceptional track record since 1998 that specializes in delivering market proven solutions and services to the Graphic Arts and Printing.

Its flagship offering, Overprint, is an end-to-end modular Print MIS, that combines CRM, Cost Estimation and Quotation Management, Production Planning and Tracking, Inventory Management, Business Intelligence and Reporting into a seamless, user-friendly environment for the printing industry. BEL has partnered with renowned industry leaders such as Adobe, Dalim, InSoft Automation, Microsoft (Certified Partner and Independent Software Vendor) and Woodwing.

In partnership with InSoft, BEL is reselling standalone InSoft software as well as integrating InSoft’s Planning, Ganging, Imposition, and Nesting software versions with their MIS. These solutions are designed to add value to the printing industry in Greece, Turkey and Balkan region.

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DESIGNNBUY is a preferred technology partner for more than 1000 printing companies across the globe. Recognized by Pinnacle Inter-tech Award and Pinnacle Product Award for their award-winning web-to-print technologies that enable B2C, B2B, and wholesale/trade printing businesses to establish their online print shops. With DESIGNNBUY solutions, printers can offer personalized products online, automate production workflow process and simplify the whole ordering process until delivery for their customers.

The company’s software solutions are designed to meet different printing verticals – commercial printing, digital, packaging and labels, wide format, apparel and more. Their “customer success” approach and value added services differentiates them from the rest.

Through ongoing innovation and expansion of its offerings, DESIGNNBUY continues to empower printing businesses of all scales, enabling them to harness the potential of web-to-print technology to automate their business, foster growth and achieve success in the digital era.

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