InSoft “Imp” Version 13 released

17th July 2023

Chennai, July 17, 2023 — InSoft Automation Pvt. Ltd., winner of the coveted Intertech Technology Award, announces the release of Version 13 of its flagship layout planning and print estimation software “Imp”.

Imp software has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to cost-based layout planning, estimation, ganging, and imposition.

Imp Version 13 sets a new direction by introducing a powerful invention – “No-mix ganging”. Each job is nested or packed into an isolated section on a big sheet. After printing, each such section can be separated by guillotine cuts, creating sub-sheets that contain only one part for die cutting and finishing. This eliminates sorting and chance of mixing jobs for packing and shipment. An invention such as this has great potential for improving the bottom line for packaging convertors and printers.

Carton Ganging
Legacy ganging Novel no-mix ganging
Legacy nesting Novel no-mix nesting

Industry 4.0 Print Estimation: Handsfree Quotation – Imposed Layouts – Job Card

In V13 of Imp+ estimation module, for repeat orders from the same customer, it is now possible to create workflow for handsfree automation to:

Re-estimate with current costs Re-estimate for different copies Quote for a pre-decided Price Release Job Cards

Job Input from
Imp+ Estimation
Automation Module
Quotation, Job Card
Routing XML for MIS/ERP

Label Imposition Simplified: Version 13 ends the challenges with increasing the number of label SKUs for short run digital label printing. Stringent controls have been introduced and automated in Version 13 for label printing, to ensure correct label orientation, fewer overruns, uniform gaps between labels, no-splitting of single labels into multiple lanes, and limiting the number of lanes as per slitter knives configuration.

Label versioning

Label ganging

New PDF export options for embellishments: Export imposed PDF now supports exporting separate files for spot colors used for embellishments and separate file for printing separations.

Scriptable & interactive dynamic marks: It is now easier to generate script for marks such as “Grommets” and “Eye-marks” which repeat on the layout. In the popup where the marks script is written, there is a new button at the bottom-left which can be used to automatically generate the code for marks that are repeated at a constant pitch around the edges. The code thus generated is copied to clipboard and user can paste it in the coding area to generate dynamic marks.

Latest Adobe PDF Library: Imp version 13 uses the latest release of Adobe PDF library 18.0.4 to make sure files from latest design applications are processed without any issue.

Chinese & Spanish Language Pack Support: Imp software is now available in Chinese and Latum & European Spanish language packs.

Version 13 of Imp software has many existing features enriched in layout planner and estimation module for generating order winning quotes. To explore innovations and enhance your bottom line please get in touch with our partner or write to us at:

Imp version 12.2.0 released

06th May 2022

New direction with new features: InSoft Automation announces release of version 12.2 of its flagship software product “Imp”. This update brings in-house developed features to simplify the task of preparing artworks for different finishing operations. Here are some of the features:

Dynamic Bleed Generation: Artworks for print are creative accomplishment of designers. Why should creative person know about print bleed? If there is no bleed in single artworks in PDF, TIFF, JPEG or PNG file formats. Imp software can generate bleed on layouts – Automatically! The built-in software intelligence of Imp at the time of planning / imposition will know the precise bleed required and create the necessary bleed strips. Many a times a job like pole banner needs different bleed values on the layout. The software generates the exact amount of required bleed for each edge of the job and for each instance of the job on the layout.

Dynamic Bleed Generation

Automatic Cut Contours: No cut line for digital cutting systems? Imp software will generate, cut path geometry, from non-white pixels, based on inked regions, or union of vector paths, used in the artworks. All this AUTOMATED! What if you want to artwork to be flipped, for back side printing? Software flips it for you. Further these areas can be spread or choked, to create a casing, in and around the design.

Cut Contour & Back Side Creation

Automatic Masking: Nice creative, but separation for WHITE ink is missing? Imp software generates filled shapes from the image area and adds a new spot color layer that is included in the imposed PDF output for under or over printing white ink, varnish, and other embellishments on transparent materials.

Automatic Masking

Scan & Estimate: Generating estimates of die-cut jobs from a printed sample was long standing desire. It is just impossible. Imp software fulfils this wish and makes impossible task a reality. No more dependency on Cad for estimating the packaging job. Just scan the printed artwork sample and Imp software automatically traces the geometry from the scanned file. Further we provide tools, to edit and add geometries, if required.

With single click, technically accurate, and cost-optimized layout plan, is calculated. Imp generates final estimate, based on this layout, considering all operations. On job approval, same plans can be updated, with actual geometry from CAD department. This empowers sales to be independent of production till order is confirmed. Further, PDF artwork, for exporting files for print, and die-making, can be exported from the same interface used for estimation.

Scan & Estimate

Announcing the release of Version 12 of Imp software

01st January 2022

InSoft Automation announces release of version 12 of its flagship software product “Imp”. This release includes some amazing features as below:

  • New Nesting Algorithms for Super Quick Computing and Better Optimization.
  • New features and refinement for Large Format Banner Workflow.
  • More features for labels planning.
  • SCOURER – A New Utility to Digitize existing Die Layouts for reuse.
  • Multiple enhancements to book imposition and signature ganging.