The Print Summit 2023 organized by BMPA (Bombay Master Printers Association), the first one after pandemic, is a long awaited event, attended by over 900 delegates. This event goes beyond printing and delves into general topics of leadership and society. Here is a short recollection of the speakers and their messages, the way I understood.

Amit Shah, President, BMPA

The energetic and enthusiastic president of BMPA, Mr. Amit Shah started of the event with some incisive questions that kindled the audience and got them thinking.

Kedar Lele, Executive Director, Hindustan Uniliver Limited:
Commercialization of innovation is the end-goal. This was the key message I took away from this speaker. While he mentioned the importance of encouraging and incentivizing innovation and inventions by employees, he stressed on the importance of commercializing the inventions. He cited examples of innovations at Paulo Alto center of Xerox and large number of patents filed by Kodak.

Gnanvatsal Swami,
Motivating Monk

A mechanical engineer turned monk, Gnanvatsal swami enlightened on how one should try to achieve glory, which is beyond power & money. To last till glory, the secret is a treasure that we all possess – GOODNESS, the dormant energy within every individual, which can be mined by introspection and mindfulness.

To succeed first step is to  excel in academics, aquire skills, gather information then, transforming it into knowledge and finally knowledge to wisdom. This process ensures there is no dearth of talent and qualified experts in any field.

To last till glory the one source of energy we possess is Goodness. Introspect within our deep rooted but dormant energy of goodness we possess. Enable yourself to be aware. Enable Human Dignity by trying to bring out the goodness in you. Goodness has power to enable yourself to last till glory. Goodness and Quality will survive and to last till glory, till the end.

Indraneel Chitale, Managing Partner, Chitale Group: He is the 4th generation leader of this family-owned business, renowned for quality Indian sweets, snacks and savouries. This young electronics engineer, pursuing higher studies at Harvard, has adopted Theory of Constraints, Industry 4.0 and is building a brand-new facility spread over 200k sq. feet.

Be a Cockroach: His message was to be a cockroach and survive and not go extinct like a dinosaur. Dinosaurs and cockroaches existed in the same era. Dinosaurs became extinct but cockroaches are still surviving, which is despite human chemical warfare on them. The key is to be a robust company, endure or the new trending word – be Anti-Fragile!

Arunachalam Muruganantham

The concluding address of the day got the longest standing ovation, and the summit concluded on a crescendo. A school dropout, Arunachalam Muruganatham, focused on social problem of making sanitary pads affordable for poor women and girls, globally.

He was invited to address on global platforms, meetings with Bill Gates, World Bank Chief and his competitors Uniliver, Proctor and Gamble and many more……

His message was:

  1. Have clarity of thought.
  2. Have clear vision.
  3. Fine tune finances and market.
  4. No need to worry about showing off and language.
  5. Identify problems once a week.
  6. Solve the problem or rather nip it in the bud before it arises.

During his address, the PPT screen was mostly blank emphasising the importance of clarity in vision and thought.

CONVERSATIONS: There were many short discussions with entrepreneurs on opportunities for printers to diversify into board games, augmented reality and collaboration with designers and publishers from overseas looking for local manufacturing to make the products financially viable in India. The lead sponsors KBA & ITC also addressed the gathering.

Another exceptional speaker of the day was Sudhanshu Mani, former General Manager, Integral Coach Factory, who was instrumental from design to manufacturing and successfully launching of the new high speed “Vande Bharat” trains in India. From concept, design, manufacturing, to trial runs, all happened from 2015 to 2020.

Looking forward to PS24
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