One of the major issues faced by StylKit users was when they had to customize a standard design imported from the template library. Typical examples of these includes cases when the user needed to add a bottle support structure to a standard crash lock carton for holding the liquor bottles intact, or when the user needed to have a nib lock arrangement added to a standard tray for reinforcement of the walls of the tray.

With StylKit users can edit or create new designs from scratch. A Packaging specific CAD environment is now bundled along with the StylKit template library. The StylKit Editor is a palette of drafting tools that facilitates easy creation and editing of structural designs.


  • Can be used to create designs from scratch as well as to edit designs imported from StylKit Template Library

  • Snap support that allows error-free shape drafting

  • Layer support that includes cut, crease and perforation layer

  • Intuitive user interface with smart object commands minimizes time needed for operator training.