InSoft announces the launch of Imp XML Bundle, a new app for the Enfocus Switch automation platform. The app is available in the Enfocus Appstore and integrates our handsfree imposition and layout software Imp Flow with Switch. The Imp XML Bundle includes two apps, Imp XML Creator app and Imp XML Merger app, acting as a bridge between Switch and Imp Flow.

Enfocus Switch

Switch is a print workflow automation platform, developed and marketed by Enfocus, the leader in PDF quality control, advanced PDF editing and workflow automation for the graphic arts industry. Switch is a highly flexible and well-thought-out software that can control the flow of data, provide checks and handle PDF and other file types with ease. It is empowering the print industry to move towards Industry 4.0. It is an open platform that allows users to build an interconnected and fully automated workflow using their favourite applications.

Integration with Switch

The Imp XML Creator app automates ganging, imposition for offset, digital and large format printing without any human touch points. Imp compatible XML files with job definitions are automatically created when PDF, JDF, XML, CSV, XMP and TXT files are dropped in an input folder. The Imp XML Merger app combines multiple Imp XML files into a single XML file. This app is especially useful for ganged jobs.

“Customers are continuously looking for ways to save costs and produce products in the fastest and most economical way” says Angelo Manno, Global OEM & Strategic Accounts Manager, Enfocus. “We’re extremely happy that InSoft Automation joined our App Creation Partner Program. By making the Imp XML bundle available for Switch, InSoft provides an answer to the need for hands off production, automatically combining jobs for efficient processing and use of material and eliminating the need for customized integrations. Standardizing on integration efforts makes the workflow also reliable and predictable and eases any required support efforts.”

Angelo Manno

Angelo Manno

Global OEM & Strategic Accounts Manager, Enfocus

How customers will benefit

Many existing customers, across the globe, have already scripted custom integrations between InSoft’s Imp and Enfocus Switch. The partnership between InSoft and Enfocus removes the need for custom scripting and development” says Ravi Shekhar, Senior Application Specialist @ InSoft. Now, an-out-of-the-box solution is provided, saving time and money on any development efforts, and allowing customers to utilize InSoft’s know how on the best possible way to integrate Imp with Switch. Building a complete automated workflow with an intelligent planning embedded within, has become much easier.

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