Insoft exhibited their flagship suite Imp Software at Vegas Print show.

Meeting our customers is greatest motivation for InSoft Automation to participate in the trade show. Meeting our happy and satisfied users at Vegas show in person was thrilling experience for us.

Our imposition and ganging software is out form 2010. Our constant hunger to identify pain points and simplify complexity was demonstrated in our automation we bought in new features for dynamic bleed generation, Creating cut contours, Creating spot / white channel were some of the highlights.

Two features “Scan-N-Estimate” and “Pole Banner Designer” caught eye of visitors at this show.

Layout Planning, Imposition, Ganging solution of our software enhanced yield. The only ganging solution to optimize 1000s of job in one go substantiates the strength of the fastest and smartest ganging engine. Hand crafted logics of Imp software has enhanced yield and increased profits.


This impressed business owners who commented that our estimation module will delight the customers with better pricings and win more business. AT InSoft estimation was about winning more orders apart from empowering Sales & CRM team members to generate quotes quickly, accurately, and consistently and win more orders.

In short, we come back from Vegas with message that our software takes Bottom Line to the Top.