BEL Computer Systems, which has been providing MIS solutions to the Print Industry in Greece for the past 15 years, has partnered with Metamation to provide planning & imposition solution to the Greek printing industry.. They have had an exceptional track record with its flagship product Overprint MIS deployed in the commercial, packaging, label & digital printing segments.

With the successful integration of their MIS with Metamation’s planning software Imp, they are adding value for both their existing and new customers with accurate estimates and final print ready layouts generated directly from MIS, thus eliminating imposition or nesting in the prepress stage.

BEL has already deployed Metamation’s Imp-Pack at Paperpack, who are very happy with this value addition.

The BEL and Metamation partnership began in Athens, Greece in June 2014 with the goal of providing innovative increases in productivity and savings through integrated solutions. The results of this partnership will provide unique solutions for the print industry with both standalone Imp software and the MIS-integrated solution.